We regret to announce the cancellation of the 3rd biennial OGAMAS Brandon Aboriginal Literacy Festival which was scheduled to take place at Brandon University on November 24 - 26, 2011.

We hope to remount the festival in 2012, and will be posting updates here on our website when they become available.

Thanks so much for your interest and support, and apologies for any inconveniences and disappointments.


Brandon University is delighted to announce the third bi-annual OGAMAS Aboriginal Literary Festival to take place at Brandon University on the weekend of November 24-26, 2011.

Admission to all events at the Festival, except the Social and Gala Reading on Saturday evening, will be free. Free refreshments will be served at all coffee breaks and evening receptions. (Admission to the Social and Gala Reading will be $10 at the door or in advance at Campus Books).

Brandon University is a small liberal arts university in Southwestern Manitoba. We have strong Aboriginal programs in Native Studies, Aboriginal Visual Arts, Education, and Counselling. A third of our student population is Aboriginal. We are proud to be the home of Canada’s premiere national Aboriginal Literary Festival.

Comments from the inaugural Festival in 2007

"Thank you ever so much. Not only was I reunited with ?my family,? more were added to this circle of enlightenment and healing. The food was great, the company and organization superb, the day cool, the sun bright and the laughter is still singing in my heart, in ear, in my soul."
-- Love, Louise Halfe Skydancer

Brandon Aboriginal Literary Festival

Brandon Aboriginal Literary Festival 2011 Poster
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Jennifer Storm

I had never held a beer in my life, let along this big, long can that I could barely fit my twelve-year-old hand around. I just kept tilting the can back, farther and farther. I enjoyed the almost immediate rush that went through my temples and up to the top of my scalp… I had slipped, unseen and undiscovered, into the land of adults.

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